Know the HISTORY of fluoride

This is something the silent majority is for and something we’ve seen for decades and generations of benefit within the state of Kansas.

Wichita Rejects Community Water Fluoridation for the Third Time  (1964, 1978 & 2012)
Grassroots coalitions, such as the Wichita Sedgwick County Oral Health Coalition (WSCOHC), which was founded in 2007, began discussing community water fluoridation as it became evident that in Wichita, more than 70% of children had dental decay by the time they reached the third grade.  Simultaneously, the community identified oral health as one of the five health priorities in the community health assessment and included oral health issues in the first formalized Community Health Improvement Plan.  In February 2012, a Task Force developed by WSCOHC approached the Sedgwick County Board of Commissioners to begin community water fluoridation based on these two oral health findings.  After a long, hard fought nine month battle, Wichitans voted against community water fluoridation for the third time in their history. 

Read an in depth reflection from Becky Tuttle, Health ICT – Medical Society of Sedgwick County. 
Becky Tuttle's credentials: nrpa.eventsential.org/Speakers/Details/197152
As reported by Kansas Health Institute News Service: www.khi.org/news/article/kansas-largest-city-and-fluoride-debate-have-long/

No on House Bill 2372


Anti-Fluoride, House Bill 2372 Defeated
On February 24, 2014, The House Health and Human Services Committee voted to table anti-fluoride bill HB 2372. This action effectively killed the bill for this year. Thanks to the work of Oral Health Kansas and the Kansas Dental Association, many highly qualified and respected professionals testified at the hearing. For more on the hearing and to view testimony, click here.


No on House Bill 2372Salinans vote overwhemlingly to preserve fluoride!
On election day, Salina voters decided to continue the city's 46 year-old practice of fluoridating the community's water. By a margin of two to one, Salinans preserved water fluoridation for their friends and neighbors. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to preserve water fluoridation and to share the message of how effective fluoridation is in protecting the oral health of all Salinans!
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Fluoride in KANSAS


Since 2005, Oral Health Kansas began developing a cadre of people that share a vision of improving the oral health of all Kansans. The Kansas Leadership Center has been an important part of shaping those who are involved in the Dental Champions Leadership Program.  Today, this program continues to develop a network of leaders that are ready to work together on many important issues, such as community water fluoridation.